Workin 9 to 5 (just a way my make my livin!)

I have a 9-5 … correction 9 to 5:30 (or other some variation of 7&1/2 hours and in one pattern or another working 5/7 days). This job comes with targets and a decent renumeration package should those targets be hit. My perma-migraine decided to make my life hell last month and now I feel on top of the world again I’ve been cramming in the hours at work to ensure I hit target. 10 days without a day off isn’t easy in a demanding outbound sales environment in the middle of a big summer promotion.
So there I was, totally exhausted and ready for a nice long lie in on my first day off and what happens? I wake up at 6:30am
So I thought I’d say good mornin’ and get on with tweaking with my website, I’ve a read through of Life’s A Ball? to do and a few household chores that need my attention.


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