You Don’t Make Sense to Me?

(5/5/10 – Today is the 1st day I’ve felt like myself since 16/4. It seems odd and I can’t fully describe it. I have felt something, my head, my ears, my eyes, in particular my lack of interest in writing. Even though the migraine appears to have lifted I just didn’t feel right.

The Wednesday before I wrote the above passage I felt really bad. Enough to take pain killer. And I still have an aversion to pain meds. This was only after a few Maltesers, which was totally bizarre because a few days later I ate an entire share bag to myself without repercussion.So I have no idea if chocolate it a trigger or not.

I was still restricting my caffeine intake, but totally over the fruit tea phase so I was drinking either hot or cold water.

On the friday, I started with the reduced sensation down my right side. I started feeling out of sorts, my right side went cold and I began to tremble. I went to the ladies toilets. I sat there in the silence and told myself it had something to do with the migraines. Then took ibuprofen and rung the doctor.

The reduced sensation was severe. I was limping and couldn’t grip a pen. I ended up trying to use my left hand. The sensation wore off but any prolonged activity, walking writing weakened my right side quickly.

When the doctor returned my call they told me to increase the Pitzotifen again. I was now on the maximum dosage. The sensation continued throughout the weekend, occasionally there was head pain but no real headache. I went to work on Monday still with the weakness on my right side and at approximately 13:45 the noise in the office began to irritate my ears at though the volume had been turned up. Then headache came. I took paracetamol but they didn’t have any effect. I tried to work through it but by 3pm I was in too much pain and had to leave. (A colleague mentioned she’d never seen me so pale or go fade so quick before) I felt sick.

Hoping the air would do me good I walked home, which did help a little. I walked off the residual energy and crashed out on the bed at 16:00. I slept for 2 hours. I remained in bed for another 2 hours. Got up for dinner and returned to bed. I woke up on the 5th feeling good.

Walking to work revealed I was still experience weakness. I felt uneasy in heels. I had to tread very carefully and I had a dull headache. But by the time I walked home I was fine.

I worry about what appears to be anxiety attacks. I’ve had panic attacks in the past, I can’t breath.  Its like I have a lump in my throat and my vision blurs. But these aren’t the same. I tremble and I tremble on the right side.

I’m also concerned about the pain I experience. The sharp pains in my head. The last just a few seconds and their intensity varies. I had a pain that is like a bruise/bump that just hurts all the time. These pains are always on the left side of my head.

Sometimes my head feels like there’s pressure on it. It’s painful to touch. Brushing my hair is painful.

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